Simplify with a Weekly R & R

Incorporating a weekly and monthly reset in your home has numerous benefits. This includes resetting and restocking everything you need to prepare for what is coming up and to keep things tidy and orderly.

This checklist shares the tasks that I like to complete weekly, use them as a guide for your home and be sure to add anything that will be beneficial to your family.

The Weekly & Monthly R&R worksheets can be used by printing or taking a screenshot.

With This Free Resource, You'll Streamline:

  • Restocking the fridge, pantry, and frequently used supplies in your home.

  • Planning, scheduling and staying up to date with your calendar.

  • Household tasks and chores.

  • The day to day overwhelm by preparing ahead, checking tasks of the list, and knowing is coming up.

What People Are Saying After Getting The List...

After a few weeks of using the checklist I am able to get more done in less time and finish what I started. I don't have to worry what is done or not done (because I checked it all off the list) all week long. I'm also able to do more in less time when I use it.


The weekly list allows me to manage and complete the things I always wanted to do but felt too tired or made excuses to not get around to doing. I now realize it doesn't take as much time as I thought and I'm not scattered daily because I've prepared for each week before it even begins.



Hey! I'm Lauren

Having an organized, orderly, and truly simplified home means that we have to implement routines to save time, serve our family, and simplify everything!

As a professional home organizer, and simplicity enthusiast I've been sharing what works in my home for years. The Weekly (and monthly) Refresh & Restock saves time, prepares our home, keeps me on track for the week ahead, and makes it possible to get the chores done efficiently.

I'm passionate about being organized, efficient and helping families simplify. My mission is to help busy, overwhelmed moms find solutions that bring simplicity to their home and life, which result in less stress and more time spent doing favorite activities with their most cherished friends and family.

Download the R & R and start using the checklist to get more of the "must do" tasks done in less time.

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